Alice In The Cruel Sea is one of the projects I am more proud of.

It started in 2015 as a collaboration with singer/songwriter Sara Rinaldi and then continued when bassist and producer Andy Kosakovskij joined the band.

AitCS is a blend between alternative rock and electronic soundscapes.

My role in the project is guitarist, arranger and producer.

Our debut EP has been released in 2018 and was mixed by Mark Tucker (Portishead, PJ Harvey, Martin Barre).

In May 2018 the band collaborated with director Annamaria Pennazzi (Ridley Scott, Tim Burton) for the release of their first official video for the song "Easily" (linked below).

The band regularly performs in London and abroad in both venues and festivals.

Easily (official video)

© 2019 Pictures, Artwork by Marco Fratarcangeli


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