Film Music: "Scene d'Amour" for Guitar

Composed by Bernard Herrmann for Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo, Scene D'Amour accompanies a love scene between the film's main characters. It is a very touching composition which I arranged for acoustic guitar, with the chord-melody technique (the guitar plays the harmonic changes with the melody on top of it or in between the chord tones).

Furthermore, this piece is harmonically very interesting. I did not quite change the harmony, but I 'jazzed up' a little bit the upper partials. One of my favourite solutions here is the appoggiature used by Herrmann and his use of unresolving diminished chords. For example, the use of a major ninth appoggiatura on diminished and half-diminished chords is a nice and elegant solution.


#arrangement #chordmelody #jazzguitar #acousticguitar #analysis #composition #filmmusic #herrmann

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