Sony Bravia


The music for this rescoring was made at City University studios. I used a Neve Genesys console to record the acoustic guitars and percussion tracks. The main idea was to create a harmonically monochromatic score as ossoped to the multitude of colours that appear in the video. The style of this music is mainly minimalistic in its use of repetition of patterns. The instrumentation I chose has an 'ethnic' feel, due to the use of congas, shakers and toms.

The guitar work is quite varied because I decided to experiment with open tunings and resonating pedal tones which add body and spark. I also tried various combinations of picks and right hand techniques, depending on the function of the part to be recorded. For instance, I used very thin picks for the strumming parts whereas I preferred thick picks for the parts with harmonics. The guitars and percussions were mainly recorded with a single or a pair of AKG C414s.

#filmmusic #composition #rescoring

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