Filippo is a guitarist and composer based in London, where he is currently working as a freelance musician.


In 2016, he completed his MA in Composition for Moving Images at City University - for which he was offered a bursary in 2014 - with a portfolio focusing on procedural composition techniques applied to film music.

After gaining his BA in Guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Frosinone (Italy), Filippo moved to London to work as a freelance musician, arranger and music tutor.

Actively involved as a composer and sound designer for theatre, his music has been performed in renditions of Chekov's "The Seagull" and Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".


As a side project to his activity as a composer, Filippo is currently involved as a guitarist and arranger for the ambient pop act Alice In The Cruel Sea and the rock band Dead Writers.

In 2018, Filippo also co-founded the music production company Music Brewery, where he works as a producer for songwriters and aspiring composers.


Believing in the importance of research work, he produced essays on film music studies (including his undergraduate dissertation on Bernard Herrmann's soundtracks and an essay on the music for the film American Beauty). In 2018 he started his collaboration with FlyPaper, for which he writes articles on composition, analysis and music in general.

Alongside with his activity as a musician, Filippo is actively involved in various kinds of tuition. He currently holds classes in electric and acoustic guitar across London.